Alchemy Apparel was founded in 2017 by myself, Chenay Radcliff. A strong believer that beauty comes in all shapes as sizes.
Alchemy's product is proudly 100% designed & handmade in New Zealand. I hope it fills you with nothing but goodness to know that when you purchase from Alchemy, you are supporting more than 5 local businesses. 
What started out as a hobby has slowly turned into a much bigger endeavour.
With a starting inspiration for finding happiness in your clothing, no matter your size or shape, I think you'll agree Alchemy now provides a great range of designs that do just that!
Alchemy is so happy to provide it's customers with eco-friendly products. Not only do Alchemy make 100% of the products with TPU, recyclable elastic but the packaging is also both strong enough for multiple uses and recylclable. I hope you will re-use these.
Above all, the company strives to be self love advocates and urges everyone to love their beautiful shapes and sizes! Confidence is key.


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